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PEENUTS Herbal Prostate Nutrition (60 caps)

PEENUTS Herbal Prostate Nutrition (60 caps)

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If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, you should benefit from PEENUTS®

  •  Do you have the sensation of not emptying your bladder completely after you're finished urinating?
  •  Do you have the urge to urinate again less than two hours after you previously voided?
  •  Do you start and stop the urination process several times when you are emptying your bladder?
  •  Are you troubled by nighttime voiding?
  •   Do you find it difficult to postpone urination?
  •   Is your PSA ≥ 1.0 ng/ml?
  •   Do you have a family history of Prostate Cancer?


Peenuts May Maintain or Improve Your Prostate Health Including:

  •   Decreases discomfort or pain of chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  •   Lowers your voiding symptom score (urinary symptoms)
  •   Lowers your EPS (white blood cells in the prostate secretion)
  •   May help avoid unnecessary prostate biopsies
  •   May improve your sex life
  •   Works when antibiotics fail
  •   Enhances your immune system
  •   Helps to avoid unnecessary surgical prostate procedures
  •   Peenuts has no known side effects or drug interactions
  •      The PSA blood test was reduced by 50% in all evaluated patients
    who participated in Dr. Wheeler's formula study
  •   The EPS (Express Prostatic Secretion) improved by 69% in all evaluated patients. The white blood cell count indicates the level of inflammation
  •   The clinical performance of Peenuts remains effective in all patents that monitor their clinical markers with PROVEN DEPENDABILITY, DURABILITY and SAFETY.


PEENUTS® Formulary of Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

PEENUTS® is a unique, synergistic proprietary blend of Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatories, Beta-Sitosterols, and Immune Stimulants. Study data is scientifically based noting indisputable results. 

The study results are statistically and clinically significant. PEENUTS® is endorsed as a first line prostate health option. PEENUTS® is an intelligent first choice for all patients, who should expect to validate the benefit by using objective biological markers including: Voiding Symptoms, PSA, EPS, and Sexual Abilities


 Vitamin C

Immune Stimulant/Antioxidant

 Vitamin E

Immune Stimulant/ Antioxidant/


Raises HDL (good cholesterol)


Supports Vascular & Nervous


System Integrity/Immune Stimulant


Assists Sexual Well-being/ Immune


System Stimulant


Immune Stimulant


Immune Stimulant/Anti-



 Ginkgo Biloba

Vascular Support

 Nettle Root

Benefits Voiding Symptoms/Source


of Bioflavonoids/Anti-Cancer Herb

 Pumpkin Seed

Source of Copper/Vitamin E/ Source


of Beta-Sitosterol/Essential Fatty Acids


Stimulates Growth Hormone/


Hemoglobin Synthesis


Assists BPH/Prostatitis/Source of




Lymphocyte Immune Stimulant

 Saw Palmetto

Benefits BPH/Source of Beta-




Immune Stimulant/Anti-Cancer



 Glutamic Acid

Amino Acid for Prostate


Wellness/Counters Depression

PEENUTS® is endorsed by Urologists, Family Practitioners, and Oncologists as a first line prostate disease option.


My wife and I are both in our mid-to-late 60s, and both see a particular family physician here on the East Coast, for whom we have the greatest respect. Unlike many physicians, he does not concentrate so much on the treatment of disease in his patents, although he skillfully diagnoses and treats many difficult disease conditions. Rather, he concentrates on helping his patents to prevent disease, namely, to learn how to become well and to stay well.

In my own case, among other things, a year and a half ago he suggested that I take PEENUTS to improve my prostate health (3 capsules daily with breakfast). I have been taking PEENUTS ever since, and have been very impressed with the results. I urinate more easily now, and therefore sleep much better. At age 66, my sexual functioning in also noticeably improved.

Searching for PEENUTS on the internet, I have encountered many sources trying to market their own prostate health formulas. In doing so, I see some of them trying to downplay the effectiveness of PEENUTS in comparison with their own formulas. Having observed this along with the confidence my own physician has in recommending PEENUTS to me, I have concluded that your product from Dr. Wheeler is in fact a superior product for maintaining prostate health, and indeed may well be the "leader of the pack" in the world, perhaps even the "gold standard". 


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